“Touching” and “No”

The following are two poems from my newest unpublished book of poetry.


Touching the underbelly of my soul
Fear and frustration.
Touching the me-ness of my thoughts
My truth
My right.
I’m touching something I no longer can control
A demond monster that’s been laying
Hidden deep for forty-eight years.
I’m feeling something out of control
Something hard and unwilling



Don’t expect me to say yes
To any suggestion you have
I’m much to used to saying no.
Don’t get upset that I’m not thinking your way
At least not yet.
I’ll always say no
Because I’m a man
And I must take a stand
Though it may not make sense
My first response will always be a no.
But, I’m a guy
Give me time
I’m just warming up my engines.


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Copyright: November 2011   All rights reserved.