Kicking Ass and Taking Names cover

“Blindsided Again” and “Give Me Room”

Tough guy poetry from my published book of poems.
Kicking Ass and Taking Names cover


Don’t blindside me with your issues
amid our playful moments
and think I’ll not notice what you’ve done.
Don’t dismember our situation
unless you know I am ready
to face the abyss
of your every concern.

Don’t casually project
inadequate feelings,
hoping I’ll step into
that dangerous arena
with you.

Never again.




I need room to prepare for your issues.
I want time to get up my guard.
Attack with disappointments,
I’ll withdraw at the blink of an eye.

I get confused when I’m not ready,
not so much about your subject,
but about your reason why.

You must give me warning
and wait as I prepare
for the cuts and slices of your concern.



Copyright: November 2011   All rights reserved.


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