Recommended reading

The Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart

Co-edited by Robert Bly, Michael Meade, and James Hillman
Harper Collins
A book of poetry for men, edited by three powerful speakers for the men’s movement. This book, a compilation of many ancient and contemporary poets, speaks to and for men in a way that touches deep seated masculine longings and aspirations. A few of the selected poems are written by: Robert Frost, D.H. Laurence, Emily Dickenson, James Wright, Rainer Maria Rilke, Thoreau, Dylan Thomas, the 14th century Persian poets Rumi, Kabir and many others.

Iron John

By Robert Bly
Vintage Books
A delightful story spanning the full life of manhood, Robert Bly breaks each stage down into understandable segments to help in preparing for the next part of life, no matter what age a man finds himself.

To Be A Man

By Daniel S. Kaufman
Simon and Schuster
Each set of pages has a hand written self-description of how each man thinks about his life. On the opposing page a black and white self-portrait of himself with a pose he selected.

Poems By Hafiz

Translations by Daniel Ladinsky
Penguin Books
This is a book of poems brought down the ages to us from 14th century Persia. What amazes me is how eloquent he speaks about the human condition and how his words apply so apply to modern times.

The Essential Rumi

Translations by Coleman Barks
Harper Collins
Rumi was an Afghanistan poet from the 13th century who wrote playful yet poignant messages for his people and people of all ages. I refer to Rumi often.

Men and Women Talking (Audio tape)

Robert Bly and Deborah Tannen talk together on stage.
order through
A goofy playful bantering between these two about the differences between men and women. Out of all of the personal work that we have done, this one tape changed forever the way myself and my wife view one another. From the first listening, and we have heard it many times in the last few years, our relationship made a fundamental shift toward a better understanding, and a mutual respect that includes both the masculine and feminine speaking style.

The Dance Of Gender (Audio Tape)

When the women went one way and the men went the other.
Michael Meade
Oral Tradition Archives (831-663-1682)
Master storyteller, mythologist Michael Meade tells an African creation myth and presents a humorous and ultimately hopeful presentation with poems from both male and female perspectives. Reminding us that within a strong masculine and a strong feminine resides the potent medicine for healing relationships between men and women, Meade provokes and entertains in this fast-paced tape.

Images of Initiation (Audio Tape)

James Hillman, Michael Meade, Malidoma Some
Oral Tradition Archives (831-663-1682)
How a boy becomes a man is crucial for the individual, and the entire culture. These tapes explore the relationship between the lost ritual of initiation and the challenges that men are now facing.

Meeting the Shadow

The hidden power of the dark side of human nature
Edited by Connie Zweig and Jeremiah Abrams
Tarcher Books
A compilation of essays and explanations about the shadow by such greats as C.G. Jung, Joseph Campbell, Sam Keen, Harville Hendrix, John Bradshaw, and many more.

King Warrior Magician Lover

Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette
Harper Collins
A bold map for traversing the masculine psyche.