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Author Nik C. Colyer wearing a hat

Nik with red motorcycleBorn in San Francisco in 1948, Nik C. Colyer lived his first twenty-three years in Hayward, a small suburban community east of San Francisco. At age eighteen, he scraped together enough paychecks from his work as a mechanic to purchase his first Harley Davidson; a ’59 Panhead.

Nik C. Colyer wearing motorcycle leathersRiding and repairing his own bike eventually led him to create Cycletherapy, a Harley repair shop, where he built custom machines for local riders.

He maintained his business for five years, until at the age of twenty-three, a new direction caused him to close his doors and go back for a year of college where he found his next career as an artist, creating bronze and stone sculpture.

Great blue heronFollowing his art sabbatical, in May 1974 Colyer moved to the Northern California Sierra Nevada Mountains where he spent a year on a forty acre ranch with ten other like-minded young people. During his first snowbound winter, living in the community library, he found himself surrounded by a collection of well-worn paperback novels. Without electricity or television, he devoured fiction classics such as; Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, Ken Kesey’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Herbert’s Dune, and hundreds more.

Author Nik C. Colyer readingInspired by such greats, he revisited a childhood longing, picked up a pen, and the seeds of a writing career emerged. It took another six years before he started his first novel, “Hunters Field” and twelve years to complete that prodigious project. Once he felt the success of completion, he dedicated more of his life as a novelist.

Red motorcycleColyer gets up every morning at 4 a.m. to write. Using that early morning method, his next three novels, DIAS, Maranther’s Deception, and Channeling Biker Bob took less than a year each to finish. His philosophy is simple; “If I average writing a single page a day, in less than a year I’ll have a finished manuscript.”

To date, Nik Colyer has completed fourteen novels and two screen plays. Although his work is fictional, Nik draws from his early experiences of riding Harley’s, as well as his subsequent thirty-five year transformation into integrated masculinity. His unending curiosity about the relational dance between men and women adds humor and quirkiness to the content of his writing. Finding equilibrium between the tough biker, while staying close to authentic masculine feeling, is a theme throughout the four-part Channeling Biker Bob series.

Nik C. Colyer and his wife BarbaraAlthough writing novels is his first love, he and his wife Barbara continue their romance with sculpture through the process of making gold and silver jewelry.

A silver pin jewelry piece hand-made by Nik C. Colyer

Star wars jewelry pendant hand-made by Nik C. Colyer

Sugalite jewelry pendant hand-made by Nik C. Colyer









Nik found watercolor painting late in his life when a friend dropped a pad and set of watercolors in his lap while they sat on a beach in Oregon. To date he has completed 50 paintings with more on their way. Check his work out at: Other Projects.