Other projects


barbara's templeBARBARA’S TEMPLE:

For three years Barbara and I have been building a temple for her and a place to do our workshops. Last summer, with a little help from our friends, we erected Barbara’s temple on the far western end of the 4.3 acres six miles north of Nevada City proper.


Barbara and I started the Bridge workshop series to help facilitate communication between the genders. Our 17-year marriage and 15-year involvement with a community committed to building non-sexual intimate connection give us a solid working foundation around gender reconciliation.


My entire life I wanted a studio I could fill with tools that allow me to explore the creative avenues I am interested in. Some years back I was given the opportunity to do just that when a contractor friend called from San Francisco one afternoon and told me he was tearing apart some steel structures and did I want the steel. It took three years to built that dream studio.


After a number of local bears discovered our property and systematically decimated our chicken population year after year, I needed a more secure place for our chickens. It took a year and a half to build the coop, but the chickens are now safe.


I took 8th place.

I took 8th place.

A childhood dream, I finally was able to build a Soap Box Derby car. After placing an ad in Craig’s list, I started building with 13 defunked bicycles I gathered from around the county . It took three months to complete the project and 55 seconds to finish each of the five races, but out of 42 entries I took 8th place. Next year I plan to build a faster car and win.


For 35 years I made a living creating and selling gold and silver jewelry designs throughout the western United States. Although I am retired from the selling part of my career, I still love sitting at my bench and building some wild new design.



Lately, I have been exploring the world of watercolor to unwind from the day’s activities. It’s been very relaxing.

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In 1975, after repeatedly noticing a phenomena while using a hand operated grinder, I built the first version of my anti-gravity devise out of a 12″ piece of aluminum plate. The motors were too weak to test the theory so I put it aside for 38 years. A few years ago I continued the exploration. Follow along in this pictorial of the stages of this project.