Channeling Biker Bob 4 – Author’s Notes

If we are to heal the misunderstanding we all experience in our world that is attempting to become truly equal, then we must face the monumental struggle to find equality. . . or do we?

What if it was as easy as sitting face to face with the opposite gender and truly listening, maybe for the first time, to how very similar we are?

What if in our daily struggles to make our way in this culture, we miss the simple fact that men and women have more in common than we have been told.

Remove the sexual dance of the genders that we all have done since puberty and we all face the fact that we are human, striving for love and acceptance in a culture that turns such things into commodities to be sold or traded on the open market.

Yes, each gender meets their needs in different ways, but only after we realize and learn to honor those different approaches can we find common ground and strive to help one another to attain each of our personal and cultural goals. Once we begin working together, all forms of support step up to help.

We are often afraid of what we judge as chaos, yet if we look closer we can see that what at first looks chaotic is truly a ballet dance emerging, and so it is with the masculine and feminine.

The Biker Bob series has been a documentation of my personal exploration into gender healing.

Although Channeling Biker Bob Four is dedicated to telling Bob’s story, it also brings all of the characters in this adventure to a close, touching on many, but not all of their ongoing issues, as it is in real life.

Yes, I will miss Stewart and the gang, as they have gotten under my skin over the last decade and a half of writing about them, but it’s time to move on into other worlds.

Lately, I’ve been concentrating more on the science fiction genre that I started out writing some thirty-five years ago before Biker Bob pulled me into his world of motorcycles and relationship exploration.

The following pages leap headlong into the realm of apology as we learn how to set aside the anger and pain of being in this world of gender differences and finding ways to bridge the abyss of misunderstanding that we all face in our day-to-day lives.

Both my wife, Barbara, and I have dedicated our lives to healing the pain created by the “other” more often than not simply because the genders are wired differently.

The scenario I write about in chapter twelve, “Men and Women” is a one-day training we offer to groups of men and women who are serious about finding true equality with one another. Look up our website and invite us to your town:

I do hope you have enjoyed this series as much as I have enjoyed writing it.
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