Channeling Biker Bob 3 Reader’s Group Discussion Guide

  1. Nik C Colyer reading

    Nik C Colyer reading

    When Renee left town, what were her intentions?

  2. After she and Kat rode together, what town did they stop for lunch and what happened in the bathroom?
  3. Billy Black’s role with the two women was what?
  4. What instantly shifted Nick’s flu?
  5. What is the significance of Nick making pottery?
  6. How does the book title “Magician” connect to Nick?
  7. When he quit smoking, what shift took place?
  8. What emotion came up for him as his mind cleared?
  9. What was Cherry’s role?
  10. What does the canyon represent for the women?
  11. What hurdle did the cliff represent?
  12. The Elk was what kind of animal for Renee?
  13. Why the statement, “I’m choosing from now on.”
  14. Will Twig and Melinda ever work it out?
  15. When the two women came out of the canyon, what changes took place in them?
  16. Why the oil ritual between Kat and Renee?
  17. How was Cherry different in Kat’s eyes?
  18. What happened to Ed and Cherry?
  19. Why was Billy Black a painter?
  20. Why was it important for Renee and Kat to go through the canyon?

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