Maranther’s Deception – Author’s Notes

Marnther's Deception old woman-photoMaranther’s Deception came to me as a dream. By the time I awoke it was a complete story. I grabbed a pen and wrote the following note:

Traveling in Mexico with a Mayan woman, we come across an ancient abandoned native village with lots of stone masonry. We stop to explore the ruins, go into the first building and it becomes a maze of rooms. We can’t find our way out.

The further along we go the more the rooms begin to fill with furniture and household items. It looks like someone lives here after all. After much effort, sure each door will lead outside, we finally find our way to an alley but are forced to go through yet another door. My woman friend steps through the door and disappears. I realize, too late, that some force wants to separate us. I run through the same door and out into an open corral to face a huge bull. It chases me away from the village and over a steep embankment where I hit my head and pass out.

Later, a carload of natives finds me and takes me to a local doctor who tells me about a local medicine woman’s mischief.

As usual, since I write by the seat of my pants, with no real plans or outline, within the first few pages the story took a left turn and went off in an entirley different direction.

Hope you enjoy the story.


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