Channeling Biker Bob 2 – Reader’s Group Discussion Guide

Biker Nik C Colyer

  1. During the first part of the book, is Thomas Goreman’s anger the only emotion he expresses?
  2. What events led Goreman to hitting his wife and what was the emotion driving him during that event?
  3. What was Goreman’s emotional response to losing control during the bust, at the bar, at home?
  4. Who did Goreman blame for his troubles?
  5. What part did the baseball bat play in Goreman’s transformation?
  6. Why was it important for Goreman to get sober?
  7. What part did Bob play in Goreman’s transformation into Twig?
  8. What did the bat and tire symbolize?
  9. Could Gorman have made changes without the help of the One Percent guys?
  10. What did the roses represent?
  11. How did the dream world men’s gathering change Goreman and what did it do for Twig?
  12. How did the ride with Bob to Sattley shift the story?
  13. What’s with the Sattley Cash Store?
  14. What was Twig’s father trying to teach him as a boy?
  15. Why did Renee want to ride a bike?
  16. How does Melinda play out her addiction to violence?
  17. What past experience ties her to the violence/sex addiction?
  18. The key to the storage unit represented what?
  19. Stewart’s inability to respond to Renee’s admittance left him with what emotion?
  20. Why did Nick want to stop building bikes and what replaced it?
  21. Renee learning how to ride, then taking off left you with what reaction?

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