Channeling Biker Bob 3 – Author’s Notes

Nik C Colyer editing

Nik C Colyer editing

Since I’ve written about the masculine journey in the first two Biker Bob’s, I thought it was time to bring the feminine into the picture.

I am a man and as much as I try, I cannot see the story from a female point of view. I did many hours of study, asking hundreds of questions of my wife, close women friends and my editors to get the female perspective as right as possible.

Although this book continues with the weekly men’s meetings in the desert, long rides with the One on One gang, mystical adventures in the desert, intimate conversations with Biker Bob, many of the following pages will also journey into the feminine experience.

Everything I have written about concerning men and women’s issues in the Channeling Biker Bob series comes as a direct result of successfully working day to day conflicts in my marriage.

I place the inspiration for most of what I have written at the doorstep of my ever-searching wife, Barbara. Without her, I would have been content to live out my pathetic life as many men; working, going to the movies, taking vacations, without thinking much about anything beyond the next turn. In this series, as in life, she truly is my muse.

Hope you enjoy the story.


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