Channeling Biker Bob 1 – Author’s Notes

I came of age in the late sixties when the women’s movement was demanding (and rightly so) that men listen and be more sensitive to a woman’s perspective.

While many men continued to work from their base macho persona, those who saw that feminists were breaking new ground for both men and women, began to adjust to a more ‘user-friendly’ model.

That first shift was highly appropriate at the time, but years later, I watched with confusion and pain as my vitality and the lives of my male friends were in shambles. Our women, enraged with our ‘nice guy acts’, with our inability to stand up to conflict, with the resentments that built over the years, left us behind in their own quest for more impassioned lives.

This novel came to me after years of solitary soul-searching, then working together with other men to consciously re-discover an appropriate masculine model. Eventually my path led me to interact with men and women dedicated to equally honor both the masculine and feminine.

This series of books approaches the four archetypes of emerging manhood, the Warrior, Lover, Magician and the King.

My own view of life is definitely askew. I am more interested in the quirkiness of humanity than in anything resembling that vague and illusive mode called ‘political correctness’. Writing this novel, I wanted to tweak the reader’s perception of men, relationships, and of a special breed of Harley rider, ‘the one percent of one percent’ bikers.

Most of all, I wanted to write a playful, fast moving and compelling story that would remain with you, my reader, long after you finished the final page. Did I succeed? You be the judge.



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