Sample reviews

Nik C. Colyer bikerCBB #1. Colyer’s first novel delves deep into the psyche of human shadow, finding balance between the quirky juxtaposition of macho bikers and the hard-hitting issues men and women face while in relationship.

CBB #2 clearly exposes the inner workings of our fragile humanity with the possibilities of turning around long ingrained attitudes. There is a constant sense of playfulness and adventure, while following this escapade through the desert on a Harley. The cover is enough to draw you in, with its mystical quality of a desert sunset, but from the first sentence, Colyer breaks new ground, and he does so without apology.

Kicking Ass and Taking Names. Colyer’s work is so emotionally honest it shoots directly into ones own heart. His raw, naked truths touch that hidden place we all share. Never a dull moment, his poems are evidence of a life fully lived. Colyer writes about manhood, relationship and the creative process with a fresh point of view.

Maranther’s Deception gives us a Carlos Castaneda style desert adventure of magic, mystery and mayhem while casting us through time and dimension.