Maranther’s Deception Reader’s Group Discussion Guide

  1. Maranther's Deception adobe photoHow did getting lost in the desert wind symbolize Martin and Leigha’s relationship?
  2. The five mile hike across the sand dunes held what kind of importance to the couple?
  3. Martin’s first test was what?
  4. Running Feathers gave Martin what gift?
  5. What did the vanishing cougar give Martin?
  6. What might the three rocks symbolize?
  7. The trip back across the sand almost killed Martin, but what did he learn from the experience?
  8. How did Sara’s death affect Leigha?
  9. Why did Leigha feel safe around Maranther?
  10. What lesson did the real cougar give Martin?
  11. When Martin showed up at the restaurant, why was everyone so surprised?
  12. Nathaniel came to Martin for what reason?
  13. What mistakes did Martin make once he reconnected with Leigha?
  14. How did the little Mexican help Martin and Leigha?
  15. At the monolith what were they trying to find?
  16. What did Chelone want Martin to discover when he forced him to tell his story?
  17. How did the breathing help the couple?
  18. How did Martin and Leigha get back to the adobe?
  19. What was Maranther’s Deception?
  20. Once back in their home town, what surprises lay in store for Martin and Leigha?
  21. What role will Leigha play in the next novel of this series?

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