Channeling Biker Bob 4 – Reader Group Discussion Guide

  1. Channeling Biker Bob 4 book coverWhat was Bob doing just before he hit the turnip truck?
  2. Why did he get stuck between the two worlds?
  3. Why was he looking for a group of people to help him?
  4. What was Stewart’s ultimate role in Bob’s eyes?
  5. Why did Twig go to the town of Casper?
  6. Who did he meet in Casper?
  7. What role did the rabbit play for Twig?
  8. Why did Kat visit Twig for the first time?
  9. During sex what was her response to him checking out?
  10. Why did Nick go to New Mexico?
  11. Why would the old man on the train reveal his secret?
  12. Who did the old biddy at the hot springs represent?
  13. What was Twig able to do by screaming into the water?
  14. What big mistake did Twig make when he was young?
  15. How could Julie forgive him?
  16. Was Twig ready to leave the desert when he did?
  17. When Nick met Sara, what gift did she offer him?
  18. Why is one of the themes of this book inappropriate sex?
  19. How can we heal the rift between genders?
  20. When Bob showed up at the men/women circle, what was he trying to accomplish?
  21. If we all have addictions, what is yours and how does it serve you?
  22. Why were married couples or mates not allowed in the same men/women circle?
  23. What revelation did the groups come up with during the men/women circle?
  24. When Bob saw Carol again, what was his first reaction?
  25. Why did Bob and Carol separate in the dark void?
  26. In his transition toward the light what was his/your thoughts?


Read a sample chapter from Channeling Biker Bob 4 – Wisdom of the King
Read the author’s notes