Channeling Biker Bob 1 – Readers’ Group Discussion Guide

  1. How does a dream ride on the Harley change Stewart’s life?
  2. What does the mythical blue bike represent?
  3. The search for Nick Brown helps Stewart break free of what?
  4. Why must he be away from all he knows to find his grail?
  5. What does Biker Bob symbolize?
  6. How does the nice guy affect some women?
  7. Why is Renee so angry?
  8. During the fight in the desert, why does Melinda get angry?
  9. If sexual attraction draws us together, what repels us?
  10. For some men, anger is the first reaction. What is below their anger?
  11. Some women find sadness their primary emotion, what is the hidden emotion?
  12. Is it possible angry women carry men’s unexpressed rage?
  13. The farmhouse and old man in Blythe symbolizes what?
  14. What takes place for Stewart once he goes through the fire?
  15. Why is Stewart “The Point Man”?
  16. When Bob takes over, what happens to Stewart?
  17. What does buying the leathers represent?
  18. How does Melinda play out her addiction to violence?
  19. How can anger be expressed appropriately?
  20. What does the desert represent?
  21. The men’s meetings have what effect on Stewart?
  22. How can men and women communicate more effectively?
  23. What are the different communication styles between the sexes?

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