“Bear Turds” and “Afraid to Be Out After Dark”

Two poems from my newest unpublished book of poetry.

Bear Turds

Bear turds the size of truck tires
dropped as a passing gift
next to what I thought
was secure food storage.
Four gallons of honey
smashed on the floor
mixed with storage grain
from a heavy steel drum
opened like it was tinfoil.

We celebrate the wildness of the visit
and take all day to clean the mess
hoping for future sightings,
but first, let’s bear-proof the storage.

Nov 03


Afraid to be out after dark

She asks if in our neighborhood
we are afraid to go out after dark?
Like afraid of gunfire and muggings.
I say, yes, but for a different reason.
She asks, “what do we mean?”
Lately, a six hundred pound bear
roams our neighborhood at night.


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Copyright: November 2011   All rights reserved.